Monday, October 31, 2016

What kind of gods...

I spent the day at the botanic gardens. There were a variety of Dia de los Muertos memorials around the park, including one for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

A story has been making the rounds in the LGBTQA community about a group of Christians trying to use the Pulse massacre in their hell house.

If you're lucky enough to not know what a hell house is, it's where they show a bunch of sinners, like a woman getting an abortion, people partying, doing drugs, whatever, often these people then appear in a hell scene, and at the end you're supposed to be so scared of what you saw you jump up and get saved by Jesus.

Frankly, I think the concept is disgusting altogether, but the idea that these people wanted to show off the 'sins' of people who were brutally massacred, as if they deserved that sort of thing... how fucking gross do you have to be? And to top it off, the event was canceled because they tried to hold it in a public school (apparently misrepresenting the event to get there), and the organizers have the audacity to say that people are a bunch of haters? The lack of self-awareness is amazing. Apparently "God will work it out," though. Hmm... well the event was canceled, so maybe that's God's way of saying you shouldn't be hateful, insensitive people. Whatever happened to that whole love and compassion thing Jesus was so big on?

Meanwhile, in the polytheist community, in India some Muslims destroyed some Hindu temples, and personal property. Apparently retribution for... someone mocking them? Article was unclear. In reply to this I saw a Hindu saying that their gods were laughing at the Muslim children and widows in the middle east. I know there's a lot of bad blood there, and that's putting it mildly, but holy shit man... if you all ever see me saying my gods are laughing at the suffering of children, please take my keyboard away from me.

I know Greek myth is full of some nasty events, but there's a reason why most Greek polytheists don't take the myths as literal 'word of God' events. They're human stories. Humans trying to grasp something so much bigger. So while I don't want to speak on the behalf of any gods that are out there... like... you know, if your God is cool with exploiting a recent tragedy, if you think your God is sitting up there laughing at suffering children, well, maybe you've got some shitty gods. Or, more likely, maybe you're just a shitty person.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Behold, an update!

I meant to put this in my sidebar ages ago, but I can be found on Instagram as HearthAndHedge - mostly seasonal nature photography, but some art and witchcraft related bits, as well. (Working on getting some more of the witchcraft in there...)

Also, just to try and simplify across the various platforms I'm on, I've dropped my old 'pen' name Siona, and I'm just going by Allie now.

Aside from all that, it's that time of year where my partner and I travel from New England to Denver for two months. It's a bit later in the year than we normally make this trip, which is depressing for me, because, well, no place does autumn like New England! (Not that I'm biased or anything...) However, the upside to being in the city for a while is at least there's interesting things going on at the gardens, science museums, art museums, and there's a big library to explore. Hopefully that will make for more regular updates in the near future.