Monday, April 10, 2017

An update!

Yesterday was the first day that really, truly felt like spring. There had been some hints here and there, but yesterday had everything. Clear sky, warm-ish weather, a cool breeze, melting snow, the smell of wet earth, and even a few flowers on a shrub. I'm ready for longer, sunnier days.

Spiritually, I haven't been up to much new. I pray to Hestia most days at my hearth shrine, I light her oil lamp and make a small offering of myrrh into the flame. I am writing a new prayer for this little evening ritual. Oh, and I'm in a book! I contributed a prayer/poem(?) to "First and Last," a devotional anthology for Hestia that was recently released. If you are interested in Hestia, the book is available on Amazon.

I have also been working on a submission for a devotional to Eos and Aurora. Maybe even two, if I can get the second idea out of my head and onto paper. The more creative types of writing, prayers and poems and such, have always been harder for me. Also, this one will require me to watch a few sunrises, which is so not the time my body wants to be awake, but oh well.

I have moved Artemis' shrine into the kitchen for now, and moved Hekate's into my work room, as I lean back around to focus more on the craft elements of my practice. I might combine these two shrines into one, at some point...

I've been experimenting with making self-igniting incense powder. Mostly because it looks cool. Now that the weather is warming up I want to start on those videos, and I'll probably do one for an incense recipe once I get it hammered out.