Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So, where have I been?

I was planning to get some posting done in these last two weeks, I really was... However, on the 3rd of September I found myself riding shotgun in an ambulance with my grandmother in the back. Apparently she'd thrown up blood in the early morning, and a few hours later she still didn't feel well, so my grandfather was going to bring her to the hospital. Well, she wanted to take a shower first (seriously Mama?), which lead to her feeling faint and she was having a hard time breathing. This is about when I was called upstairs, and it's when we called 911.

Long story short, Mama scared the ever loving hell out of me, but she's fine now. See, she'd ate something sharp (we're thinking a bit of shrimp shell), and it scratched her stomach near the esophagus (or perhaps the other way around, there).

They kept her in the hospital for a few days, so I was left to take care of my grandparents' home. Why not have Papa do it? Well, here's an example. He wasn't feeling well one of those days (too much heat), so he made himself a cold bean sandwich for dinner. Plopped down two slices of bread on the counter, dumped beans from the refrigerator all over the bread (and on the counter), put them together and... walked away. With beans all over the counter. Yeah. (Should I tag this for recipes? Heh. Here's another Papa classic for you. Crumble Saltine crackers into a bowl. Cover with milk. Eat.)

After Mama came home, I had to help her figure out her medications, and still do most of the house work for her. Oh yeah, we managed to fit in Labor day dinner in all this, too!

So, all in all, it put me a week or so behind my own schedule, but eh - life happens sometimes, right? Mama is okay, so I'm all set with whatever else taking a back seat for a while.

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