Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Signs of Autumn

Monday was the first day that I could really feel the coming autumn season. Well, there was a day about two weeks ago where there was just a little hint of something... but Monday was cool, windy, and I noticed that some of the trees are just starting to change.You could really feel the seasons starting to shift that day. Last night was the first night since summer started that I've actually been cold in bed with just a sheet, I had to get up to dig a blanket out of the closet. Very early this morning, 4am, my dog woke me up to go outside as he usually does around that time. There was a beautiful sliver of waning moon sitting in the east (along with Venus, and Jupiter higher up), and I noticed I could see my breath in the air.

I have no doubt that we'll see a few more warm days before summer is truly through - the weather predicts a few days in the 80s coming up. Still, it's clear that it's time to start getting ready for the colder months. Not time to break out the snow gear just yet, but time to put away some of the lighter summer clothes, and bring the long sleeves and sweaters from the back of the closet. Time to take out our little window air conditioner and put it away until next summer. Time to give the heaters a good cleaning, and make sure they're all in good working condition before the cold really sets in. Soon we'll be giving the house a deep clean, before it gets to cold to keep the windows open for long, putting away some things, getting rid of others that may no longer be needed... there's plenty to do between now and when November rolls around.

And it's not all physical cleaning and preparation. During fall and winter we tend to move inward a bit more, and not just into the home, but into ourselves as well. It's a good time to start deep cleaning our lives in a less literal sense, as well. Examining personal habits, relationships, our spirituality, looking at the harvest we've brought in, looking back and seeing what's been good for us, and what should be culled during this time. What should we keep, and what should we leave behind, before we move back into the seasons of growth again.

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