Friday, September 13, 2013

A bit of rambling...

I've been dead tired these last few weeks, which makes it hard to get any writing done. I had some good ideas for the pagan blog project, but just had no energy to get them down, and I haven't forgotten the deity writing project - just, again, same problem there. I'm slowly getting some longer posts together (really hoping to get the one on the equinox out), but meanwhile, how about some possibly disjointed rambling?

I bust out the Mabon decorations earlier this week since it had been cool for a while - and then we hit that mini heat wave with some 90F weather. Wasn't really feeling the whole autumn thing anymore, but it looks like it's going to cool off again, so the decorations are going up. The leaves are starting to change outside, too.

Been spending a lot of time cleaning out the house. Just sorting and organizing... well, everything really. Whenever I spend a lot of time working on the house like this, I feel pulled to spend more time at the hearth shrine, and focusing more on the home on that spiritual level as well - which makes sense, really.

Cleaning has made me realize that I have a lot of (pagan) books that aren't really relevant to my path anymore - a lot of Wicca 101, and the like. I'm thinking that I need to go through and re-read them all, review them, and move them on to better homes. Make room for some new books that might get read more often. (Especially since I just got two new books today, with a third on the way!)

On a final note for now, I usually like to post pictures here, either alone or with text, but my camera is dead. I don't know when I'll be able to get a new one, possibly not for a few months. 

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