Saturday, June 11, 2011

Midsummer Divination

Traditionally Midsummer, or Litha, is a popular time for divination. The weather on the solstice is said to be an indicator of what the coming harvest will be like. A bright sunny day foretells a good grain harvest, while a rainy day says a good fruit harvest is on the way. A cold day means winter will set in early, and a very stormy day indicates a bad harvest all around.

Love divinations were also popular around this time. One bit of folklore says anyone who can gather seven different wildflowers (in complete silence) from around a church, or at a crossroads, should put them under their pillow to dream of their future spouse.

Scrying, especially using pools of water, is also traditional around this time.

Misdummer Divination Incense

3 parts myrrh
2 parts dried mugwort
2 parts dried rosemary
2 parts dried lavender
1 part dried white sage
1 part cedar
1 part cinnamon bark

Finely crush and mix all ingredients. Burn over incense charcoal in a heatproof censer. Although created with divination in mind, it also makes a good blend for Litha workings and rituals in general.

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