Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just a quick update.

I caught a cold from my Grandmother at Thanksgiving. It's nothing serious, sore throat and cough, but it does keep me up a bit at night and make me tired. So, essentially this is an update to say I probably won't be updating as much for a bit. Trying to get some extra rest, since that's what my body is asking for. (So why am I up at 2:24 in the morning? Gotta love a bad sleep schedule.)

I started a post about ogham a few days ago. Originally I thought it would best be done in a few parts, but now I'm leaning to getting it all done in one article - maybe two. It's taking me a bit longer than expected, not taking the cold into account, but it's coming along. I'll be sure to note when it's done for anyone who was interested, since I'll just be editing that original post.

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