Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking back on 2011.

This year was one of big changes, spiritually speaking. I...

-Formed relationships with Deities outside the Egyptian pantheon, for the first time in all my years as a pagan. I'm still reeling from this one a bit. Okay, a lot. There have been many changes to my path over the years, big and small, but the Deities were always that one constant. So for that to change, well... I knew it was coming, but it still seemed unexpected at the same time.

- Continued moving away from gender binary beliefs and practices, a process that started last year. (There wasn't much left, perhaps because there was not as much emphasis on the masculine/feminine in Kemetic reconstruction...) I'm still sorting out where I'm going with this... if anywhere. Right now I'm content to focus on other pairs (or triads) beyond gender. This has also lead to exploring Sacred Marriage in ways that are more meaningful to me.

- Continued with a deeper study of the 4 element system, while also exploring systems of 3, 5 and 8. While interesting work, nothing huge to write about.

- Retired my two oldest tools (the knife and cup), brought in new ones, which lead to understanding new symbolism and ritual uses for them. On that note, some old tools came back to the surface - some new tools came in as well. Finding that nice balance of ritual aid without being weighed down with too much stuff.

- Continued to delve deeper into the roots of traditional witchcraft. Found new little pieces that connect with bits I already had to form that bigger picture.

- Studied the Proto-Indo-Europeans. Put names to existing concepts I had, connected other concepts to each other, found a lot that resonated with my personal practice. Saw how so many different cultures are connected to this one ancestor group. Truly fascinating stuff.

- Learned a few new plants, was unable to find names for other plants. Did not do nearly as much plant work as I would have liked, but still managed to do a fair bit.

- Made an official parting with an old organization I belonged to in the past. Drifted away from a few communities without really meaning to. Joined new communities. Made some new friends. Cleaned up this blog, archived the old posts into a personal journal, gave it a fresh start for a year with many changes.

Overall, a lot of little elements of my practice and study fell to the side. Not surprising, since I had to spend a lot of time establishing new relationships, while maintaining and strengthening bonds with the spirits and the ancestors. It was also the first year in the new apartment, so there was a lot of exploring and getting to know the local area right around me.

2011 was, overall, a good year. It was challenging, sometimes confusing, sometimes frustrating, or downright terrifying - but those are all reasons why it was good, too... although maybe I didn't think so at the time. I'm looking forward to 2012, seeing what it will bring, what I'll bring into it. Working on 'smoothing out' the bumps of 2011, and seeing it all come together, and building on that.

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