Friday, December 28, 2012

Get Outside

I went out last night to hold a ritual for the full moon. As I mentioned earlier in the month, this full moon will rise higher into the sky than any other. Each full moon from here will stay closer and closer to the horizon, until around the summer solstice, when it will slowly start to climb higher again. It had snowed most of the day, and most of the night before, the sky was only starting to clear up a bit - but it was a bit windy, and the few clouds that were left were racing across the sky.

I can't describe how bright it was, everything covered in fresh snow, and the full moon lighting it all up. I've included some pictures, but I just don't think they do it justice. Still, these pictures were taken around midnight, but you can see so far back into the woods, and the shadows from the branches. Everything was so clear. I could easily read by the moon's light, and could have done the entire ritual with no candlelight - although a tea light pushed down into the snow (to protect it from the wind) was too pretty to pass up.

After I finished up the ritual I stood there sipping a bit of mead, and thought about what I wanted for the coming year. The answer was simple, just more of this. More little beautiful moments from nature. I will never be able to get enough of them. My thoughts wandered to what I've heard from many other pagans and witches... So often it seems like the same ones who claim their path is nature based just don't get out into nature. They can't go out, it's too cold. They can't go out into the rain. It's too hot. There are too many bugs. It's too dark. They do all their rituals indoors. They just don't make room for nature. It really pains me to talk to people who honor nature so much, base their spirituality on it... and have never once held a ritual or celebration outdoors.

And I know not everyone can get out, for health reasons or whatever else, and I understand that... but if you can? Do it. Maybe it will be hot, or sprinkling, windy, a little uncomfortable... but it's worth it. You don't have to go out in very extreme conditions, but don't sit around waiting for perfection, either. You'll miss so much that way.

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