Sunday, February 3, 2013


A very happy Imbolc to those celebrating, whenever you may be celebrating it! (And a happy Lammas to those in the southern hemisphere.)

Good old Punxsutaweny Phil didn't see his shadow, which according to the folklore means we'll be seeing an early spring this year. It was mostly cloudy when I peeked outside as well, so perhaps we'll see an early spring here as well? I suppose we'll know for sure soon enough.

Well, at least the extreme cold we've been having seems to have lightened up a bit. It's only going to get down to 20F tonight, which is a good bit nicer than dipping below zero. Still, aside from days that are a little longer, there aren't too many other signs of an approaching spring. In my personal practice, I tend to leave many of the spring aspects to Ostara and Beltane. At Imbolc I know that spring is coming, but I'm still working with winter concepts, ideas, and of course winter weather.

It's a time to rest a bit, to just enjoy this quiet time of year, before the light half of the year brings all it's activity and growth. It's a time to look through my small supply cabinet, and take stock of what I have, what I need more of, and what I no longer need to keep. A time to clean off altars and purify them, a time to purify ritual tools and items, and to do self-purifications as well. It's a time to look inward, to face the good and the bad, and to think about changes that need to be made.

It's also time to look forward a bit. If I'm going to keep a bit of a garden this year, and I'd like to, I need to start thinking about what's going to go into that garden, when do I need to get seeds started, what gardening equipment is already here, what do I need to pick up?

I have given a little thought to what I want to grow. I'd like to try growing a few stalks of corn. We did that one year when I was much younger. Garlic is simple to grow, and I go through tons of it, so garlic is on the list. What else? Maybe some potatoes, or beets? Then some herbs... lavender for sure, perhaps rosemary, or thyme? That's all something I'll need to figure out in the next week or so, anyway.

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