Saturday, February 28, 2015


Well, February just slipped on by, didn't it?

I haven't sat down to blog these past few weeks because I've been spending a good portion of the month getting into some serious "spring" cleaning. I mean, it's not really spring here yet in any sense, but once spring actually rolls around I'm probably not going to want to be inside quite so much...

Part of the deep clean has been my storage spaces for ritual items, that sort of thing. I'm always a bit surprised at just how many odds and ends end up in these areas over the course of a year. I definitely need to pare down quite a bit. I've been going through my books, as well, which is a project I started last year - but I'm really getting a bit more ruthless now. There are a lot of books that I just don't reference anymore, and it's time for them to head out.

As for my goals this year, I did some things this month which I think should be pretty beneficial to the things I am hoping to accomplish. For example, I moved Aphrodite's shrine into the bedroom so I could move Artemis' shrine out of the kitchen, and into that area  - in the room which I spent a good potion of my day. It's perfect for morning rituals, and perhaps soon doing morning yoga and/or meditation. A much better location, very happy with that decision.

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