Saturday, January 31, 2015

Monthly Goals Update

Alright, so here I am holding myself accountable like I said I would...

I've been using Artemis' prayer beads more often. I'm shooting for at least once a day, but there have been a few days I forgot, but also a few days where I used them two or even three times throughout the day. On that note I found a mala style bracelet that has the same number of beads as the prayer beads I created, and I think I'll start wearing it, and using it to do the same prayers while I'm out and about without my prayer beads.

I have not created a daily ritual yet, but I have been spending more time at Artemis' shrine in the morning, usually to do the prayer beads for a while, then make personal prayers. I would like to build on this a bit next month.

I did hold a ritual outside (Hekate's supper), in the freezing cold, when it was super icy out, which made things pretty difficult. It was short and a little awkward because of the weather conditions that night, but I did do it.

Finally, on the subject of eating healthier and exercising more, I have been making a good bit of progress on both. It was not a perfect month, but I am slowly getting back into the healthier habits I fell out of in recent months.

So overall things went alright, hopefully I can keep it all up next month.

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