Thursday, August 11, 2011

Changing Beliefs

"Do your beliefs change over the years as you change and develop?"

They absolutely have changed, and I imagine they will continue to change as the years go by.

If one is truly active on their spiritual path, it would be very strange for their beliefs to not change at all. Even after several years, if there aren't still changes now and then... well, a stagnant spirituality isn't very beneficial. They don't have to be major or radical changes, but beliefs should always continue to grow as you do. Time always brings small changes and new understandings.

This is my 13th year on my spiritual journey. This year alone has brought some major changes, and it has not been the only year to do so. Year 13 has really thrown me out of my comfort zone, and it almost feels like... like it's time to get more serious? I'm not sure that's quite the right term for how I'm feeling. I know where I am, I know where I want to be, I know what must be done to get there. In the past there were many times where I just let a path take me where it will. While I learned a hell of a lot that way, and it was necessary for me at the time, it feels like now is the time to walk the path with more purpose.

There have been many changes as I've grown, some huge, many much smaller. However, I've always had a pretty solid, but small, core set of beliefs as well. They developed within my first few years of exploring my spirituality, if not before I really set out on that road, and they've stuck with me since then. Those beliefs have certainly grown as I have come to have a fuller understanding of them and what they mean to me... but they have not really changed. Although, in many ways growth on a core idea is still a form of change.

Ah well, this prompt is a bit half answered. I want to talk more on the specific changes I've gone through, talk more on how my beliefs evolved over time, but that sort of reflection will come a bit later in the year...

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