Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A good day for a walk.

I try to get out and walk a little every day, it's good to get a little fresh air and it helps me to clear my mind and enjoy nature a bit. I've taken to walking down the road to a field with corn growing in it. When I first started walking down to that area I had no idea what would be growing in that field. It was pretty interesting to see the little shoots come up, and the plants grow, until now when they're heavy with corn and almost ready to be harvested.

Now for various reasons I hadn't been out in almost a week. I went out this evening, and on the way to the field I cross a bridge - down below something caught my eye. A large doe was standing down there, eating clover. She saw me and froze for a minute, then went back to eating. I was pretty close to her and was able to just watch for a good while. While deer usually come through the back yard at my Grandparents' house, I have not been this close to a deer in a few years. Eventually a car came by and scared her back into the woods (the way the bridge is, she wasn't in danger of dashing into the road).

On the way back from the field I saw a fox crossing the road - they seem to be pretty common here, actually. I see one every other week or so, usually around this same spot (wonder if it's the same one?) - it was carrying a little mouse in its mouth.

It was a very nice evening for a walk.

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