Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally sitting down to update...

I was visiting with my Grandparents last week, and of course my laptop died on my first day there. While I was able to get online now and then to keep up with things, I never had time to actually relax and write. (Certainly didn't help that I also had to take care of my injured fiance and sick dog for most of the week!)

My Lammas celebration was pushed back a day. I packed a bag with a bit of blueberry wine and a small loaf of bread, and hiked out into the woods behind the house. These woods have changed a bit since I was younger... A small bit of logging was done by whoever owns a particular stretch of the woods a few years ago, which has made way for a lot of new undergrowth. Several of the old deer trails are gone now, so I've had to find new ways back to the old road that runs through the woods.

Before I made it back to the old road, which leads back to a hill I was planning to have my ritual on, I stumbled on a large rock that I visited a lot when I lived at home. I went camping on it with my grandfather when I was little, I remember cooking a can of baked beans and some hot dogs on it. I decided that was the better place for my ritual.

It was very simple, but I've always favored a more informal approach to such things. A blessing of the wine and bread followed by a meditation on the sacred meal.

After, I hiked through the woods a bit more, then headed home, picking some wild blueberries on the way. I grew up with the wild berries, and have never cared for the cultivated blueberries you can get from stores. The wild berries are smaller, with a stronger and sweeter taste. If you haven't tried the wild variety keep an eye out for them, sometimes they're sold frozen in grocery stores. They're great in muffins, bread, and pancakes. Back home I was able to pick some blackberries as well, but most of them need a bit more time to ripen - then it will be time for blackberry jam.

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