Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goals for 2015

The first prompt from The Pagan Experience is about resolutions. I've been giving this some thought for the last week or two, and I've come up with a few spiritual goals I'd like to focus on this year. They are...

To deepen my relationship with Artemis. I plan to do this in (at least) three ways. First, by using my prayer beads dedicated to Artemis more often. Second, by taking up archery as a devotional practice. Third, by creating a devotional in her honor that can be preformed daily. I will create this devotional before the spring equinox. Preferably it will be something that can be done easily inside or outside. (Perhaps involving the prayer beads?) I will also try to be aware of other opportunities as they arise.

I say inside or outside because I want to spend more devotional time outside. I plan to do this by holding at least one ritual outside every month this year, regardless of the season. I will also meditate outside at least once a month, during the warmer months. (So probably from April to November, although we'll see what the weather brings!) I also want to continue my exploration of the local land, and I am aiming to identify at least five more plants this year.

Also, just to keep it in my mind, I promised an offering of fresh baked bread to Hestia and Demeter last Lammas, to be done before this Lammas.

Additionally, I plan to get back into the habit of eating healthier and exercising more. Both fell to the wayside when I started really struggling with my health, which truthfully only made things worse, and it was a pretty bad cycle to be stuck in. Still, now that I'm finally getting control of some of these issues, it's absolutely time to get back to healthier habits in general! That means fewer processed foods, and thirty minutes of exercise at least three times a week. Both habits I used to have, both things I desperately need to get back into.

Last on the list, I want to connect with the pagan community a bit more, both online and offline.

To accomplish goals they really need to be kept in mind, so I'll be looking back on this list each month, and giving a short update on my progress. I'm looking forward to making 2015 a happy and productive year, and hopefully one with many opportunities for growth.


  1. Hi! I am also working on creating some devotionals, though my focus right now is the Sun, Moon, and Earth, but Hestia and Artemis are first in line for some deity devotion/attention.

    I saw your altars post, and yours are just beautiful! :) They inspired me to consider finally making an altar and/or shrine. Now that I think of it, my partner's mother just passed, so it would be a great time to instantiate an ancestor shrine. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Altars/shrines can be really interesting, because they can come in so many forms, and have so many meanings - have fun exploring and finding what works for you! :)