Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Creating an Incense Blend for the Equinox

This morning I decided to spend some time messing around with a few different ideas for some Ostara incense. Usually around this time of year it's still quite cold and snowy, but it's been a very mild winter this year, and I wanted something that would reflect that as we move into spring. Something dry and earthy, but still warm and somewhat floral for the coming months.

Right now I'm working with lavender, lemon peel, caraway seed (which, by the way, are a pain to grind), mint, juniper, turmeric, and ginger. Each remind me of Ostara in their own ways, but I am still working on finding a nice balance. With ritual incense it's important to consider the symbolism of the herbs used, but it's also nice not to have something that smells awful, or smokes too much, or whatever else. A good incense should also help to set the mood for a ritual, not take away from it by being unappealing.

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