Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Downfalls of Being Eclectic

I'd a hedgewitch, but by it's nature, hedgecraft is a pretty scattered path in many elements. We share the spirit work link, and a few other such links, but we can also work with different deities, different ritual structures, tools, holidays, ethics, and all else. There are a lot of nice aspects of having this freedom, but it can be hard at times.

I am an eclectic hedgewitch because of the fact that I pull from a few different traditions to flesh out my practice. Greek polytheism has been a focus for me for a while now, but there are other paths that get pulled in, as well. The difficulty there is sometimes I feel like I'm just being pulled in too many directions at once.

The issue with practicing a path that is completely self-directed, completely solitary, is there's no one else to sort of point the way in so many cases. One has to sit down, and really think, okay, why am I pursuing this? Is it for a good reason? Will it truly add something? Do I really have time in the day to add in something more? And the answers aren't always clear.

Sometimes I miss following a pagan tradition where everything was just laid out, here's how we do it, without much wiggle room, because at least all the groundwork was taken care of. I could focus on other things. But, as a whole, that never really worked well for me. I get much more from my path now than I did then, and I suppose that's got to be worth it in the end.

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