Friday, March 4, 2016

Prayer Beads for Hekate

I made these prayer beads for Hekate several months ago, and while they've been adorning her shrine, I had not yet ever used them in ritual/prayer.

However, as I was walking my dog tonight, enjoying the light snow coming down, I felt Hekate's presence, and I knew it was well past time to finally sit down and find/write prayers for these beads.

This is what I came up with...

(Medallion prayer.)
Hekate of the roads and of the crossroads, I honor you.
In heaven, on earth, in the sea, saffron-cloaked,
pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade,
haunting deserted places, I honor you.
Night-wandering, dog-loving, key-bearer,
unconquerable queen, I honor you.
Hekate, hear my prayers to you, with ever joyous heart.

(Prayer for the lava rock beads.)
Hekate, you who roam the moonless night, who walks
in the dark with certainty, torch-bearing goddess,
keeper of the keys, I follow where you lead.

(Prayer for the labradorite beads.)
Hekate, you who see things hidden, whose torches light the dark;
you who dwells on the threshold,
who receives due offering wherever three roads meet;
To you, Hekate, are the mysteries known.
To you do the lost ever turn for protection.
To you do those who work magic pray for wisdom.
Hekate, ancient one, I praise you.

[First prayer based off the Ophric hymn to Hekate, second and third prayer altered from the prayers found on this website.]

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