Saturday, November 26, 2011

In the woods...

This is one the the first spots I fell in love with, before I was even a pagan. My Grandfather took me to this rock when I was still a very young child. It was quite impressive then - not that it still isn't, but there was a time when this rock was taller than me. Now the highest point comes to just below my shoulder. There was once a giant pine growing right up against it, which has since been cut away. Twice in my life there's been a bit of cutting done in these woods. Nothing major, but the last round left enough changes that I was a bit disoriented the next few times I went up there.

This is a small stream that runs through the woods. Before the last bit of cutting, there was a small bridge running across part of it. It was nothing fancy, just a few old logs someone had put across it, but it worked. That's gone now, so to cross one has to jump across one of the shallow areas. This isn't hard, as I said, it's a small stream... perhaps four feet or so at the widest point, and a foot at its thinnest.

The places where the water runs quick are good for small purifications before rituals. There are also many lovely spots to stop and sit on a rock or fallen tree, and just listen to the water run.

Just another spot along the stream that I enjoy.

Just up and over the stream a bit is a spot that's hard to photograph. One tall, lone evergreen standing up on a small hill that overlooks the stream. The lower branches are still high enough to stand under, and in the little clearing under the branches is a small offering stone. The tall tree on the hill, near a stream, always feels like such a potent spot for Otherworld work.

A final shot, the old road that runs through the woods. Been there as long as I can remember, although it was once a bit more overgrown. More tall trees ran along it. They were cut down, and the road made "fresh" again a few years back. In those few years, there has been a ton of new growth... Not surprising. Nature will always reclaim, if given the chance.

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