Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Out with the old...

With the sun setting on Samhain day, and the year nearing it's end, I can't help but begin reflecting on the past year. If this year has been about anything, it's been casting off the old to make room for the new.

It's hard to imagine where I was just one year ago, it feels like it's been much longer. While there's always been change and growth in my spiritual path, it's usually been slow and connected. This year it's come in leaps, many of which I never saw coming.

The biggest change? Before this year I'd only ever formed relationships with the Egyptian pantheon. This year I found myself essentially cut off from that pantheon, first following a call to Artemis a few years in the making, second a Goddess from a pantheon I'd not even heard of before a few months ago (Proto-Indo-European).

I found this opening up many other windows, new concepts, new myths to try to understand, new imagery calling to me. So many new ideas that seemed to fit in very well with my existing path, where old ideas had been culled out earlier in the year.

The change shook my path right down to the tools I work with. Both in retiring old tools, and in bringing in all new tools I've never worked with before.

I also branched out from old communities, left communities that were holding me back, joined new ones, made many new friends. (Heck, I even cleaned out this old blog and brought it back to life!)

I'm of course wondering what else will pop up before the year's end. What next year is going to bring. I'd imagine with all the upheaval there might be a year of smoothing things out and fully incorporating all this new into my existing path, getting it all to really come together... or at least the start of such a process. Only time will tell, though.

In any case, it's been a very full and exciting year. Hard at times, but always rewarding.

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