Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nature Knows

This morning I was on the phone with my Grandmother, discussing my plans to head to her house tomorrow afternoon for the Thanksgiving 'weekend.' She said I might want to come this afternoon instead, because she'd seen more birds than usual in the backyard eating the food my Grandfather puts out there - they were getting ready for a bit of bad weather. "Nature knows," she said.

I told her I'd check the weather, and sure enough, there's a bit of a storm rolling in tonight, lasting through tomorrow afternoon. Nothing that would really change driving plans (especially as I had a bunch of other things I needed to do today), but bad enough.

This is not the first bit of nature-based advice or folklore she's shared with me. Always little signs to tell the weather, sometimes more spiritual bits... It's not 100% accurate, but neither are the weather forecasters on TV.

It's not really that surprising. Mama's been staring out that same kitchen window for some 20 years, and she's been around a lot longer than that - anyone would be able to pick up on the patters and signs of nature in that amount of time, if they paid just a little attention. Nature has a lot to tell us. Sometimes it's just something simple, sometimes we uncover something deeper... we just have to pay attention.

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