Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ritual Garb

There was a time, when I was an Egyptian reconstructionist, that I had very specific ritual clothing. In particular, it was a white pleated skirt, a white tank top, and a white shawl for when it was cooler in the house. White was the required color for the tradition. After leaving reconstruction, I slowly moved away from having any special garb for ritual. I wore what I was wearing, and never thought much of it.

I never got back into any full ritual wear, but I have started including little odds and ends into my ritual wear. Just enough to help get my brain into "okay, it's time" without being (for me) unpractical.

The first is a simple leather choker. This is for Artemis. The second is a dark grey-blue shawl. It is for Westya. (Sometime this item acts as an altar cloth of sorts, depending on the need. This keeps with my feeling of Westya as foundation, though.) The third is a leather belt, which is mostly for practical reasons. A place to put my knife, a place to hang pouches with things I need to have at hand.

Sometimes I wear all these things at once, sometimes just one or two of them. They're really simple objects, but they help me transform from regular clothes, to something a little more special.

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