Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Solstice

I hope everyone had a happy winter solstice. The weather here has been pretty mild since the solstice, quite warm, even at night. It's been nice for spending a bit of time outside, especially at night to do a bit of stargazing. With everything that's been going on lately I haven't been spending much time outside the last few months, and it's definitely time to turn that around.

One thing I really enjoy about the colder months is the silence that comes with them. At night there are no sounds of bugs, and rarely are there any animal noises. It's a bit eerie at times, but peaceful... Sometimes you can hear the slight movement of branches in the breeze, something stirring out in the woods, but tonight it's just dead silent. Looking up at the moon and stars with nothing else going on, it's quite rejuvenating.

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