Friday, April 29, 2016

Building the Altar

I began my day by heading out to the clearing where I want to build an altar. As I suspected, when the moon hits it's peak in the sky it is perfectly visible from the clearing - even when it's higher or lower in the sky, it will still be well visible. Same for the sun.

Later in the day I went out with the rake and started cleaning the area up a bit. I also purchased some stones and blocks to build with. I was hoping they'd have some round paving stones, had an interesting potential design in mind for them, but no luck there. So right now there's just a very basic table design, and a few square stones to help mark the boundary - all to be assembled tomorrow, hopefully. Just in time to break it in with a Beltane ritual, if all goes well.

While I was there I also noticed some hooks, for hanging bird feeders or planters on, but they'd work well for holding little candle lanterns, too, which might make an interesting addition to the site. It will be fun to add to it over time.

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