Sunday, April 3, 2016


With the end of the lunar month rapidly approaching, I realized I really needed to make a decision on where to place Hekate's shrine - the bridge crossroads, or the triple crossroads further in the woods.

My usual daily walk takes me over this bridge. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked by this path, looked out over this same view, and never been hit with the realization of what I saw today.

It is easy to see one crossroad in this picture, right in the middle. (It's even more obvious in the summer, when the paths cut through bunches of wildflowers.) It's your standard dirt crossroads, right?

But, the trail leading off the bottom of the picture? That leads under a bridge I took this picture from. A crossroads of upper and lower, the bridge crossroads mentioned earlier. And the trail leading away, into the woods there? A small foot bridge over a stream, forming a 'crossroads' over water.

Three different sorts of crossroad areas, all in a row. I mean, from under the bridge through the middle over the far bridge... it's not even a five minute walk, it's nothing. It's no wonder I keep feeling pulled back to this area, over and over again. Even though none of these are the triple split crossroads that are more closely associated to Hekate, three in a row like this can't be overlooked. Definitely going to go out tomorrow and begin forming the shrine - which will probably not be more than a pile of large rocks from the area, but it makes a definitive space to return to each month.

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