Friday, April 1, 2016

Month of blogging goal...

So back in Feb I decided to challenge myself to blog every day in March, with a focus on my day to day practices. I didn't quite hit every day, but I'm proud that I made an effort, and that I'm writing again. I do forget how beneficial it is to write when I'm not doing it. Even if some of what I'm writing get scrapped, or set aside for later, it's really nice to be able to work through my thoughts on various issues.

I also wanted to write more on my day to day practices, but about half way through that had to take a bit of a back seat, because I started working on something that I don't know that I should be writing about - at least not yet. When it's done, maybe. For the record, there's only been one other working that I absolutely refuse to write about at this point in time, because it was a very private issue involving someone else. So it's not like there are many things I will not write about - which, you know, of course it would be something that happens during the month I'm trying to write about my practices, heh.

On a somewhat different topic, I keep having interesting dreams involving snakes, and being bitten by snakes. The snake bites are never painful. This morning I woke up from such a dream, and still half asleep I had the thought that, oh, Hekate's trying to get my attention. I have been feeling her presence more and more lately. (The project I can't write about yet, it also involves her.) I have worshiped Hekate for a few years now, but I have never done any truly deep work with her, and I am very interested (and a little nervous) in seeing where this all might go.


  1. So.. you are probably one of my favorite blogs to read. I always find myself laughing at one spot or another. You have just the right amount of smart assery (yeah I made that up.. sorry) and a lot of what you have posted this past month has felt very relevent to my life or thoughts, it was odd. I try not to comment on every post because I don't want to be an annoying weirdo, so I've had to stop myself a couple times ;) I promise I'm not a stalker! But I'm glad you started writing again! I have been enjoying getting the emails with your blog posts.

    1. Hey, comment away! As much as I like blogging as a tool to work through my own thoughts, it's always awesome to know that someone else is getting something out of it too, and I'm not just sitting here yelling into the void. :)